Strong support in my complex divorce

I engaged Tamara after my collaborative divorce process failed. We dealt with a multi-state issue, complex financials with one side much more financially astute than the other. She guided me well as well as worked well with competing counsel to get to an out-of course settlement and agreement which has both stood the test of time and was fair across the board.

July 21, 2022

What I needed on my legal team

Erik’s combination of skills and experience as a matrimonial litigator is exactly what I needed on my legal team. His ability to sift through and dissect endless pages of narrative in order to deliver strategic and swift action is exceptional. His point-by-point verbal response at my court appearance, detailing the legal deficiencies and inappropriateness of the venue, left no doubt as to the end result in my case. I am very grateful for Erik’s skillful precision in the defense of a post-divorce legal action.

Patti D.

Exceptional lawyer

Tamara is the best lawyer with extreme care to the clients. She has the charisma and integrity that’s hard to find. Divorce was one of the most difficult time in my life, especially when it involved domestic violence. Tamara showed to me how much she cares about me as a person, not just as a client. She always kept a big picture for me, advised me what’s the priority in my life, and made sure I got out of the divorce with healthy mentality which is most important to me and my kids. She is amazing in promptly replying phone calls and emails and highly efficient in writing documents. After my divorce, confliction still arises occasionally with my ex, and Tamara always provides her best guidance to me as the most trustworthy lawyer you can rely on. Tamara is the lawyer I always feel lucky to meet in my life. Thank you!

February 9, 2021

An outstanding attorney

Tamara gave me outstanding and knowledgeable advice during my separation and throughout the divorce process, which entailed negotiating the details of Soberlink testing for custody. Tamara was extremely responsive and quick to draft detailed and complex stipulations and documents. She is extremely professional and personable, with a quick wit, and her experience in Westchester courts was a huge asset. I cannot recommend her more highly. She shepherded me through what was the most traumatic experience in my life, with skill, patience, and, above all, her vast legal knowledge.

January 12, 2021

Terrific lawyer

Tamara Mitchel did great job in defending my case. She understood my case from the beginning which made me feel supported with a very difficult and abusive spouse. Her attention to detail helped to settle the case before it went to trial. I would highly recommend this lawyer.

March 9, 2020

Excellent Attorney

Tamara helped me through the most harrowing and difficult time in my life a divorce from a 30 plus year marriage with the added complication of abuse. Her deep knowledge and experience were evident every step of the way. She clearly explained the law, the process and what to expect. Her confidence, ability to listen, and to be direct (a quality I greatly appreciate) gave me confidence to keep pressing ahead. She was a consistent advocate for me and my situation, and she was always available. I never doubted a successful outcome.

March 6, 2020

A True Advocate

Tamara is very knowledgeable, precise, and helpful, from consultation to resolution. She truly was a tireless ally. Tamara never wavered from her mission as my advocate, giving advice for pros/cons of every issue. She understood how difficult the process is, emotionally and financially; she listened; and she helped me understand my options.

October 4, 2019

Exceptional attorney

Tamara has helped save my life and my children’s lives. She helped me gain full legal, physical and residential custody of my two children due, in part, to help protect my kids from domestic abuse that they received from their other parent. As a result of Tamara’s excellent work, my kids’ lives are so much safer, more stable, and peaceful. Their emotional well-being has been largely restored, thanks to Tamara. I would describe Tamara as extremely intelligent, honest, hard-working, ethical and fair, knowledgeable and highly experienced. She is also very thorough with strong attention to details. When we went to trial, we were extremely well prepared. I think most of all, she really cares deeply about her clients and their lives. Our trial went exceptionally well and she helped me obtain the best possible outcome that I could have ever imagined for my kids and me. Thank you Tamara!

August 28, 2018

She is very precise in her work

Tamara is terrific! She is a puzzle master. She is super-bright and very quick on the uptake, with a positive attitude and a sunny disposition. She is very precise in her work, and was always available to workout different issues on short notice, even over the weekends. Together, we crafted a uniquely tailored agreement that met my needs. In the face of utter unreasonableness from my ex's attorney, she kept her composure throughout the negotiations, and always managed to bring her around. In my opinion, you couldn't find a more competent attorney, or one with more integrity than Tamara.

October 12, 2017

A new life with her help

Divorce is difficult enough, let alone one that has you in multiple courts and has your head spinning, as you sit in a courthouse in disbelief of the lengths to which your soon to be “ex” will go. Add to that scenario the intricate dynamics of an abusive relationship; the ins and outs of domestic violence and you are left with a “perfect storm.” The only hope to move past this and emerge in one piece is to shore up and create a strong foundation. I used that very strategy by having Tamara Mitchel as my cornerstone. Her tenacious and purposeful manner, paired with her strategic and skillful legal proficiency is only the beginning of why I had confidence in her. I entrusted my life to her abilities tempered by her empathy and I never had a momentary regret. She listens, explains, gives sound and goal oriented advice and has the support of a wonderful group of colleagues. Tamara had the strength of purpose and understanding of my situation to be my tireless legal advocate. It is with her help that I have a new life.

March 21, 2017

Inspires complete confidence.

From day one, I felt assured that I was represented by the very best. Tamara proved relentless in her advocacy throughout my divorce. She was a stickler for details and also understood the complex dynamics of my relationship with my ex. Tamara made a daunting process manageable. I always knew she had my back. She is fiercely competent. I would not want to be Tamara's adversary in court, but was very grateful to have had her on my side.

March 4, 2017
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